Quantum Resources & Coaching is first and foremost the story and the deep values of its founder,
Fouad Semlali

As a business coach, he has been using and developing his innate skills for identifying people and his ability to detect unsuspected potential for many years.

Its goal

To accompany you towards your personal and professional alignment by revealing your full potential.

He shares his mission and values with Hilde Helsen, founder of TRAJECTUM.

This strong vision they share has transformed their meeting into a collaboration.

As partners on numerous projects, they were led together to meet the creator of the ODC solution, Willem de Jaeger.

It was out of the question for Fouad to bring ODC into his professional world without experiencing it himself and being sincerely convinced of its performance.

So he decided to take the test himself.

When the time came for the result, Fouad was all ears, but with all the distance and critical spirit necessary to build a fair and objective opinion.

Listening to the different conclusions of the test was like a slap in the face, the kind of slap that feels good.

“You think you know who you are, but in fact you don’t. “

He was blown away by the depth and accuracy of the results.

“How can I be who I am if I don’t even know who I am?

It’s like finally someone is telling me out loud what everyone else knows.

It was therefore natural for him to become an ODC agent for the Belgian and French market with the desire to give you the opportunity to have this solution in your hands.

Working with Quantum Resources & Coaching

means signing up for a collaboration based on trust, honesty and transparency.

In addition to helping you and your clients make the right organisational decisions at the right time, our mission is also to spare your time, which is why we carry out our assignments without detours, with the sole aim of professionally achieving the goal we have set together.

Fouad SEMLALI – General Manager

ODC agent for the Belgian and French market, Quantum Resources & Coaching accompanies you in French, Dutch and English.

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