Is finding the right candidate your daily mission?

Every day, you do everything you can to find the candidate who perfectly matches your client’s expectations.

But for some roles, your search is more of a wild goose chase than a path to victory.

Sometimes you get it wrong, and you put a candidate in the wrong place.

Whether the dissatisfaction comes from your client or your candidate, this mistake causes double work, as you have to start your search all over again, and you find yourself in an uncomfortable position with your client.


A waste of time, money and customer satisfaction.

And sometimes, without even realising it, you miss out on the rare gem, because you did not have the opportunity to detect the hidden talent of a candidate.

Possibly they are not even aware of it.

Stop exhausting yourself looking for the five-legged sheep

What you need is a solution that allows you to discover your candidate’s natural competencies.

Competencies that are well established, even if sometimes hidden.

By understanding all this information, you will be able to quickly identify the position and the company in which your candidate will be able to optimise their wellbeing, productivity, and efficiency.

Avoid unpleasant surprises during the onboarding process.


You meet your client’s expectations, your candidate’s well-being, and you achieve your goal.

The solution is not a magic wand, but a well thought-out solution: Odin Development Compass ODC®.

Where does Quantum Resources & Coaching come in ?

We support you in the implementation of ODC in your organisation and provide training.

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Make your recruitment process considerably more efficient to save valuable time and therefore money.

Attract the right candidates and identify them accurately.

Meet your customers’ urgency and quality requirements and increase their satisfaction.

Stand out from your competitors by adopting an innovative and effective solution.

Does your job not end with the placement of a candidate?

Are you also responsible for the smooth transition of your candidate to the new position and their development in their new role?

Do you want to take your company to the next level?

Quantum Resources & Coaching can also help you to achieve this.

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